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We Do Business Differently..

Our Founders identified five key issues in their competitor research. Here's five key reasons to do business with us..

1. Other webhosting companies, that appear to be extremely low-cost or even free (including those big ones that you see on TV and in Youtube adverts), often hide their real prices, that are actually rather expensive. These are hidden behind complicated ordering processes, designed to waste your time and to get you to order out of frustration instead of satisfaction. Tight and often unworkable allowances emerge once you sign up. What you see here is what you get with no price hikes.

Whilst we do have an extremely generous Fair Use and Ethics Policy, we won't get in the way of you operating a fully fledged website.

Please don't think that for £1.00 + VAT and a small handling fee per month, that you are not going to get the same features as you would with our competitors because you honestly will and our contracts are for 30 days on a rolling basis with no catches if you choose to leave (we hope that you would get in touch with us if you have any problems first though!)

Our competitor's hidden price hikes all radically increase the price leaving our competitors, in the end, not particularly competitive at all - before all of this, we're saving you up to £90.00 a month when fully featured website hosting, like ours, usually costs on average £11.99 per month.

We only reserve the right to limit storage and backups for media including videos and sound files that are hosted with us but, even then, this only applies to those files, we require that clients do not use more than 10% of our server's overall resources (that is extremely difficult to do no matter how many visitors you have or what you do!). Everything else is unlimited. You can read more in our Fair Use and Ethics Policy (linked below).

We also don't force you to lease/renew/transfer domains with us, like many other providers, although we offer some great pricing on them if you need them and, you can transfer these to other providers whenever you like!

2. Most of our rivals did not have ethical hosting practices - we do, and they are at the heart of our business. You can read more about them as part of our Fair Use and Ethics Policy here.

3. Many webhosting companies have little to no interest in their clients, particularly when things go wrong, many did not have an official complaints policy and many did not welcome or listen to feedback.

We do our best to take feedback on board. We can't always change things, particularly if you disagree with our founding principles or where any changes would be detrimental to our clients, more widely, but we will always strive to better ourselves wherever we can and to offer you full explanations.

4. Website domains (www. addresses) that you need for your website are often leased in a way that catch clients out. Many webhosting companies loss-lead on these (they deliberately sell below the cost that they pay) to then confuse the pricing and increase it by the back door with price hikes in subsequent years - we don't. You can pay for up to 10 years ahead freezing your costs at today's prices to increase renewal fees.

At poundawebsite, our pricing is deliberately kept simple, upfront and therefore transparent and we've done this since day one. We try and highlight anything that you should be aware of so that we can be up front with you. Our competitors simply hide very similar and often much less generous policies including fair use policies that are not very fair.

Whilst you can lease website domains from anywhere and there is rarely ever a requirement to then pay for a hosting service, they don't like making this clear to you. You're also welcome to lease domains from us without our fantastic webhosting.

Worst still, the vast majority start with the website domain appearing extremely cheap, they make you go around the houses with their ordering process only to then show you an end price that doesn't end up being that competitive - after you've wasted your time. Many aim to frustrate you into buying from them and to make it as confusing as possible to compare them with rivals.

Please do compare us but don't use the website domain you are intending to use for quotes (but it needs to be very similar) - the reason for this is that many hosting companies reserve the domain so that you can't lease it elsewhere at a cheaper price to protect their markup.

Please remember, if you lease a website domain from somewhere else, we'll still help you point it to your poundawebsite for free but please be very careful that you don't get ripped off by some of our rivals.

The best way to also check is by reading their Trustpilot reviews, for example, if you see a company with 99% positive reviews, they are probably spoofed and you should run a mile as every client has a different idea of what excellent, good, average, bad and terrible is.

5. Many also lacked empathy and patience with new clients or clients that struggled more than most with accessing website hosting. Our support agents are friendly and patient with clients who are new to website hosting, those that are more experienced and also those that might struggle more than most.

At, we pride ourselves on offering as near to unlimited web hosting as we possibly can, whilst being up front and transparent, from the outset. To find out more, please read on.

Full Disclosure..

There are five matters to be aware of with our website hosting because we believe in being honest, transparent and upfront from the outset in our relationship with you, a level of transparency that you will be hard pushed to get from the vast majority of our competitors..

1. We are now able to offer daily incremental backups of your website, Email accounts and databases through our new supplier entirely free of charge using the industry standard Jetbackup service. This is enabled by default with every package. Backups are retained for 30 days but you can download them to retain them for longer. Backups are unlimited in size.

There are some files that are excluded by our service provider, please check out our Fair Use and Ethics Policy for full details and a list. Such files excluded from backup generally relate to media and manual backups.

2. Our clients enjoy one website per hosting package for £1.00 per month + VAT + a small handling charge. Extra website hosting packages are priced at an additional £1.00 + VAT + a small handling charge per website hosted. Where additional website hosting packages are purchased, these are accessible in one client area for ease of access.

3. We charge a small handling fee (pence) and we are obliged to charge 20% VAT on all of our prices. All of our prices on the website, unless we state otherwise, are VAT exclusive.

4. In the same way as for most other hosting providers, there is a cost associated with leasing or transferring in a domain (www.address)*. We do make a very modest profit on domain leasing and transfers but we have deliberately set these prices as highly competitively as possible.

You can see the price of domain leasing where we have a massive choice of over 500 domain extensions at massively competitive prices in our shop or, to avoid this cost altogether, you can point your existing domains to our nameservers (to us) free of charge. We'll be happy to assist you, whichever way you choose.

* Domains ending with .uk (including but not limited to .uk,, etc) are free to transfer to us as long as there is at least 3 months remaining on the domain.

We are still the only web hosting company to put ethics at the heart of what we do, to charge you £1.00 + VAT and a small handling fee per month of just pence for a website, with no hidden extras and to not force our clients into buying domains from us, making us cheaper by a country mile than our rivals including those website hosting companies, purported to be free that hide a ton of extra costs.

You lose no functionality with us and you pay no extra for it. We've also frozen our website hosting prices for 1 year and we will never increase our prices by more than CPI +1% in any 12 month period.

5. We have a strict but extremely generous Fair Use and Ethics policy and this will affect whether we are able to provide services to a small number of potential clients.

The points above are in addition to our Terms and Conditions and our Fair Use and Ethics Policy that you can read at the very bottom of our website - please keep an eye on these as they can and do change.

The vast majority of the points you have seen in this section are usually hidden away by our competitors (or they won't tell you at all) but generally all will apply. As we grow, we fully intend to dispense with the vast majority of these.

If you are, in the rare event, hitting our limits, please bear in mind that you may be better suited to having more than one hosting account with us (you can manage both through the same client area), you might also be better suited to a VPS. All webhosting companies have a Fair Use Policy defining the difference between standard webhosting and the VPS business model. If you can't find it on our competitor's websites, please ask them for it. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how generous we are compared to them.

Be weary of website hosting companies that offer price matching, if they have the ability to be greedy the first time, they have the ability to do so again. Once bitten, twice shy. So, if you want an ethical web hosting company that is straight forward, honest and friendly, why not start your journey with us today!

Our Ethics..

At, we have a strict but generous Fair Use and Ethics policy that defines how we do business, who we do business with and who we support. Who we do business with, alongside brief reasons, can be found immediately below. You can read our full policy here and this covers any extra conditions relating to this section and serves to clarify our policy.

This policy does not apply to our Suppliers although we do not infer or state that they do not conform in any way, but, regardless, we would not otherwise be able to make a difference and we currently cannot find a service provider that completely matches our ethics policy. We enjoy a close relationship with our server provider and we have conducted extensive talks with them to ensure that we (and they) can supply the industry with the fairest shared website hosting going whilst reigning in the Wild West.

We have even walked away from four previously proposed suppliers as they did not match our values and service standards. Our clients were not exposed to any downtime or negative experience before or in doing so.

We hope that we inspire change in this regard and we are bold enough to attempt to lead the way. You are welcome to reuse this section (but not our wider Fair Use and Ethics Policy) as long as you credit our company and provide a website link alongside any copy or extract. The rest of our website is subject to copyright and our Website Terms of Use Policy.

1. We do not do business with people who harm animals as we love them. This includes companies who directly test on animals (for medical or any other form of research), companies that commission animal testing, companies that work in the dairy, fish or meat industry (with the exception of retailers that sell other products that are unrelated) or personal of business clients that support or promote those in breach of this policy.

Our company are avid supporters of Animal Free Research UK (previously the Dr Hadwen Trust), a charity that fund research into alternatives to animal testing. We are not affiliated to them in any way though but we provide a button that takes you to their donations page at the top of our website. We do not charge them or expect anything in return for this.

2. We do not provide services to those that are involved in the production of nuclear waste or people, businesses or organisations that promote or support those that do, including those who dispose of it (as they indirectly facilitate the industry). There is no way of disposing of most most of it, it is lethal and we care about the legacy of our children. We do support all other forms of green energy though!

3. We do not provide services to those that provide products or services to the public sector. We have serious concerns about the regulation of the public sector and it's treatment of poorer people, black and ethnic minorities and others who are disadvantaged. This includes personal and business clients that promote or support those that breach this policy.

4. We do not provide services to legal firms unless they provide pro-bono services and/or Legal Aid for poorer people of equal quality and extent, and across all of their practice areas, compared to their fee paying clients. We do not support a two tier legal system. This includes personal and business clients that promote or support those that breach this policy.

5. We do not do business with insurance companies that do not offer cover for all disabilities, including pre-existing ones, to the same extent as those without pre-existing disabilities. We consider this discriminatory. This includes personal and business clients that promote or support those that are in breach of this policy.

6. We do not do business with people companies, charities or charitable projects that, in our sole opinion, refuse to offer insurance, paid employment and voluntary opportunities, as a blanket policy, to people either going through the criminal justice system or who have historic convictions. This includes people, charities, charitable projects and businesses that promote or support those that breach this policy.

Section 6 does not apply to those with convictions for deception or fraud related offences but this exclusion is limited to positions or voluntary opportunities within a business, charity or organisation that are a position of trust.

We understand that there are certain regulatory restrictions, that a business or charity does not apply through choice, applying to certain areas of business and charitable operations and we would welcome businesses, charities and charitable projects who limit the exclusion of this group of people solely to their regulatory (but not insurance) requirements and have a clear statement about this that is easily accessible and clearly displayed on their websites.

We believe in supporting rehabilitation of ex-offenders, that people are innocent until proven guilty and, as part of this, access to paid work and opportunities that improve people's prospects to turn their lives around. This includes personal, charity, charitable projects and business clients that promote or support those that breach this policy.

7. We do not do business with companies, charities or charitable projects that, in our sole opinion, discriminate against anyone, including, but not limited to, age (unless it involves the formation of a contract), political view (unless it is incompatible with this policy), nationality, race, religion, subculture, sex, sexuality, or gender identity - including those that fail to provide the ability to choose or refuse to observe gender pronouns and titles (such as Mx).

This includes personal, charity, charitable project and business clients that promote or support those that breach this policy.

Lastly, you are welcome to use these paragraphs as the basis for your own Ethics Policy as long as you credit our business and our business website.